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Men’s magazines and gentlemen’s blogs are full of advice on that awkward first date. What is the best way to establish intimacy with a beautiful woman? Cosmopolitan men instinctively know how to win her over: with style and charm, and by showing her respect. Nobody immediately trusts a stranger – mutual trust needs to be established first in order to touch a lover on the inside, to feel her warmth and to tempt her to have extraordinarily good sex. It makes no difference whether you are trying to charm a lady because you want to spend the rest of your life with her, or just a night at a luxury hotel. When you book an escort, the first moments you meet each other are the most important, as they will pave the way for enchanting moments of intense passion and abandonment.

So, what do you need to consider when you have booked an escort date with an exclusive top model? How do you fascinate the woman of your dreams yet also show her that you are a sophisticated gentleman with the highest standards?

the gentlemans escort guide


For you, a romantic date with an exclusive high-class model from Jessica’s Escort Service means all that you will get all you have longed for emotionally. Your desire for no holds barred intimacy is right there in front of you. Here are a few tips to make sure that the time you spend together makes all of your dreams come true and everything happens as you would like it to. A few preparations and the right mental attitude will certainly ensure that your exclusive rendezvous will become your new benchmark for complete satisfaction.


This brief guide and the suggestions it contains on how to behave are provided purely as information only. We know that the majority of our VIP clients inherently know what to do and always approach a situation like this one with style and class.


In order to be on the same wavelength with a breathtaking and attractive woman and to feel the energy of true passion, both of you need to be aware of the other’s desires and longings. Before your date, you should therefore get an idea of your chosen escort lady’s preferences. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about planning your first encounter and about the limits set by our exclusive ladies.


Despite all the advantages the internet offers when it comes to choosing the woman of your dreams, you will only enjoy intimacy, mutual trust and tenderness with a breathtaking model if she also likes what she sees. It is therefore worthwhile investing a bit of time into getting ready for your date to make your lover feel even more enticed. Being well-groomed is a must. A well-chosen outfit is just as important. Your exclusive look spells strength and masculinity and can unlock the way to a lady’s heart. Of course, your outfit should above all reflect your own style; however, you should also dress to suit the environment of your date. After all, our models always dress appropriately for the occasion, and you would not want to insult your chosen lady by being over or underdressed. An exclusive men’s fragrance is the perfect finishing touch; your date will now be able to experience you with all of her senses.


Your escort should feel your strength and confidence right from the start. Cosmopolitan men know that it would inappropriate to talk about previously agreed fee. They therefore hand the amount agreed, assuming the agreement was for payment in cash, over to the lady of their own accord in a quiet moment soon after the start of the date. Please, always make sure that you have the exact sum ready, as a walk to an ATM and so on may make the whole situation unpleasant. The fee agreed for a Jessica’s Escort Service model in advance is absolutely non-negotiable – please, do not even attempt to discuss it.


Without a doubt, you will have an idea of which way you want your special date to go. Nevertheless, do please give your companion a little bit of time to feel seduced by you. You should also get to know the lady a little bit first. Mutual trust is the basis for being able to let go. Establish a basis of mutual trust when you first meet by enjoying some carefully selected wine at the hotel bar. Showing your date consideration and impeccable manners will be a worthwhile investment. “A good listener is halfway there” – listening carefully will help you to figure out what your model likes and dislikes. If the conversation is going well, you will already feel the first stirrings of tender intimacy during your exchange.


A man who wants to win the affection of an attractive woman does so by being attentive, by using words that promise thrilling excitement, by fascinating her. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a romantic dinner for two that will give you the chance to prove your spontaneity and wit and treat her to some wonderful food and fine beverages. Almost all women love hearing genuine compliments at this stage, provided you don’t overdo it with your praise and appreciation. If you manage to charm her and prove yourself to be a gentleman of good taste, the woman you are with will return your consideration a thousand times over.


Stunningly attractive and charismatic young women who are aware of their worth have a burning desire to become intimate with a perfect gentleman. Never let her doubt that you are precisely that, by showing her consideration, manners and friendliness. Small gestures such as holding the car door open for her, taking her coat or placing her chair in the right position at the restaurant table show your escort that you appreciate her. You are bound to have many more ideas to emphasize your own personal style – after all, the possibilities are sheer endless.


Of course, you are surely aware of the fact that your escort model may have to gently steer your date in the right direction. Our ladies’ wishes are always to be respected: “no” means “no”, and this also means that you should politely refrain from pursuing the subject further. Our ladies will openly say where their limits are, and expect you to respect them. After all, gentlemen who are aware of good etiquette will never attempt to cross the line – impeccable conduct is important to them, or they wouldn’t be gentlemen.


Many aspects of an outstandingly sensual escort experience can be pre-arranged. However, you should never forget that your date with the woman of your dreams is about you having fun. Don’t be nervous, don’t put yourself under pressure and try not to expect too much. You can rely on the fact that the high-class escort models who work for Jessica’s Escort Service know perfectly how to make sure that you have a wonderful time. Enjoy the way a marvelous, extremely pretty girl appeals to all of your senses and let her spoil you. Your date will end in a scintillating and stimulating way in your room, at a hotel or somewhere along the way. You will fondly recall your fascinating and unforgettable escort experience for a long time to come.

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